Spiderman Toy Chest – Swinging Into Action

Have a Spiderman fan?  This Spiderman toy chest may be just the right fit to get them to put away all of their Spider-toys!

spiderman toy chest

It’s a soft toy box, which mean that if you manage to have it empty, you can fold it flat for easy storage.  It’s also easy to carry, so load it up with all your superheroes and take it to Grandma’s house!  Or put all your action figures in here and store it at the foot of the bed or in the closet.

Spider Safety?

There are no sharp edges to hurt a child, but the manufacturer does warn that children under three can get hurt if a part, like a grommet, comes loose.  However, the soft lid will ensure no little fingers ever get smooshed!

Since it is soft, I wouldn’t recommend your child stands or sits on it.   However, the low price makes it perfect for storing toys affordably.

The most common complaint with this particular toy chest is the lack of sturdiness.  However, the cost is very low which makes it an affordable option for decoration or storing a particular toy.

spiderman toy box

Can the Spiderman Toy Chest Hold your Toys?

Wondering about the size?  It measures  30-inches long  by 14.5-inches high x 16-inches wide.  So not huge, but not teeny tiny either.  But plenty of size to hold all of your superheroes.

Why Should I Get This?

If you want a cute, inexpensive toy chest featuring your favorite web-slinger, this is a good option.  Little kids who love Spiderman would be super excited to get a toy box like this one.  But if you want a sturdy, high-quality heirloom toy chest, you should keep saving your cash.  A well made heirloom box will cost at least $100 more than this one.

But if this fits your needs, you can find this Spiderman toy chest at Amazon here.

unfinished toy chest


Batman Toy Box

Batman!  Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-Batman!  Does your child love Batman?  We have three boys, and while none of them absolutely love Batman, one of their friends does.  So when I saw this Batman toy box, I knew I had to share it…

batman toy boxClick for Current Sale Price!

Right now, it was on sale for over half off at Amazon (though that is prone to change!)  This toy box features Warner Brother Batman.  It’s very safe, with features I like to see – safety hinges, three air vents, and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.  It’s also made in the USA!

This toy box is made from polyester fabric foam over wood, which is very easy to clean with mild soap and water.  It’s very soft, which makes it possible for a child to run into it without getting hurt.  There’s an excellent eye to detail by the manufacturer, who included piping on the lid and the bottom band for a designer look.

Reviews said that it was very well made and children loved it.  Jupiter’s Girl said, “Totally love it. Very durable and great colors.
Though it would be bigger but the size isn’t that far off. Love the cushion on top for sitting and love that the chest “door” stays up when you open it.” It doesn’t have any reviews on Amazon yet, but on Walmart it had received five out of five stars on six ratings.


How to Clean a Wooden Toy Box

If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that your toy chest is going to need to be cleaned at some point.  If you have a wooden toy box, then you have to exercise special care in its cleaning. Most chemicals are off bounds.  You also even have to be careful about leaving water on it!

Before you start cleaning it, you should test the product that you are using in a small, unseen area.  This will determine whether the finish will come off or if you are safe to proceed.  Be especially certain to test painted toy boxes.

The best way to keep it clean is by dusting.  You will want to avoid dusting sprays with silicone, as these can leave a waxy build up over time.  Instead, look for dusting sprays that say “no buildup.”  You also may want to look for a microfiber cloth that can clean without any spray.

If your child makes a sticky mess of things, what should you do?  First of all, try to get it off as soon as possible.  The longer things sit, the more chance they have to warp and discolor the wood.  Wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth to remove any physical debris.  Then, use oil soap such as Murphy’s Oil Soap mixed with lukewarm water to wipe it down.  Make sure you dry off the wood thoroughly afterwards.

Some toy chests need to be waxed occasionally.  This is especially true for antiques and cedar chests.  The wax can help fill in any cracks and holes, and protect the wood from damage.  Use a soft cloth to apply a thin layer all over the box.

There you have it!  A brief guide in how to clean a wooden toy box.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy Box

My son loves Mickey Mouse.  He’s two, and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of his favorite shows. So when I found this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy Box, I had to review it.

(If you just want to skip my review and go straight to buy it, click the picture below!)

mickey mouse clubhouse toy boxIsn’t it cute!  One of the greatest things about the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy box is the soft, plushy feel.  This makes it perfect for young children who fall a lot and hurt themselves.  It’s got a polyester outside, but a sturdy inside.  This allows it to be washed off with simple soap and water.  Plus, the box comes with a lot of other safety features.  The latches are safety hinges to ensure that little fingers will not get pinched.  There are also three air vents in case your child decides to get inside and hide.

This toy chest is proudly made in the USA and ships free from Amazon.  The size of this particular box is 16 1/2″ x 33.5″ x 16 3/4″.    There are also matching furniture pieces that you can get to make your child one happy mouseketeer!

Click here for free shipping!

Ensuring that You Get a Safe Toy Chest

toy chest safetyOne thing that every parent needs to be concerned with is child safety.  You want to make sure that your child is safe in every aspect of life.  This is especially true with things you don’t expect to ever have to worry about, like a toy chest.

I recently read a review where the reviewer had chosen that toy chest over any other because of all the safety features.  They had a friend lose a son to an accident.  The lid of the army trunk they were using as a chest dropped on the little boy’s neck, killing him.  For this reason, the reviewer wanted to make sure that her grandchild has a toy box that would be safe.

That was a scary story, and it prompted me to investigate more into how to make toy boxes safe.  We have an older box in our basement.  It’s made of plastic, so I’m not concerned about the lid dropping onto the kids.  The bigger concern for me is that it has shelving on the top portion which the kids like to climb.  Fortunately, this hasn’t been a big issue as the box is pretty sturdy and doesn’t tip over (at least, when it’s filled with toys).  But still, it is something you have to think about as a parent.

These are some of the criteria I’ve come up with that make a safe toy chest:

  • The toy box lid cannot slam shut.  A slamming lid can cause a number of injuries, including concussions, broken fingers, and even a broken neck.  To prevent this, many manufacturers make the hinges slow closing on wooden toy chests, whose lids are heavier.  Plastic toy boxes generally have lids that remove completely.  There are also hinges that lock into place, but that seems less safe to me.  Plus, what if a child gets his fingers pinched when trying to get the hinges down?
  • The toy box has air holes built in.  I would say this is a necessity in larger toy boxes where there is no gaps between the lid and the box itself.  Children do like to climb inside of things.  In our house, they cannot fit into the toy box, but they do climb into the dress up trunk.  Air holes prevent the risk of suffocation if a child gets shut inside the box.  Along with this, I’d say not having latches on the outside should be a given.
  • The toy box is well made.  While less sturdy toy boxes may be cheaper, they also have the risk of creating splinters or broken pieces that could hurt your child.  If you go with a less expensive box, try a plastic or canvas one.  This way, you don’t have to worry about the particle board giving out when your child jumps on top of it.  Also, I would examine a used toy chest for any damage carefully.
  • The paint is lead free.  It seems a given, but not everything actually is.  My husband works for a sporting goods company, and they have to regularly test their products for lead.  Some of it still comes back positive, especially in items made overseas.  Those products are then not able to be sold.  I would assume most other companies do these tests as well, but there’s always the chance something can slip through.  You can get an inexpensive lead test here or at the drug store.

There are other features that a manufacturer might add, like finger grooves to protect fingers.  However, if the latch closes slowly, that might not be necessary.

So to ensure you get a safe toy chest for your child, you will want to read the description carefully of any boxes you are considering.  Also, look at the reviews to make sure that no flaws were discovered.  There are many good brands of toy chests out there that are safe and worry free.

Photo by Just Jennifer via Flickr