Batman Toy Box

Batman!  Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-Batman!  Does your child love Batman?  We have three boys, and while none of them absolutely love Batman, one of their friends does.  So when I saw this Batman toy box, I knew I had to share it…

batman toy boxClick for Current Sale Price!

Right now, it was on sale for over half off at Amazon (though that is prone to change!)  This toy box features Warner Brother Batman.  It’s very safe, with features I like to see – safety hinges, three air vents, and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.  It’s also made in the USA!

This toy box is made from polyester fabric foam over wood, which is very easy to clean with mild soap and water.  It’s very soft, which makes it possible for a child to run into it without getting hurt.  There’s an excellent eye to detail by the manufacturer, who included piping on the lid and the bottom band for a designer look.

Reviews said that it was very well made and children loved it.  Jupiter’s Girl said, “Totally love it. Very durable and great colors.
Though it would be bigger but the size isn’t that far off. Love the cushion on top for sitting and love that the chest “door” stays up when you open it.” It doesn’t have any reviews on Amazon yet, but on Walmart it had received five out of five stars on six ratings.


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