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How to Clean a Wooden Toy Box

If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that your toy chest is going to need to be cleaned at some point.  If you have a wooden toy box, then you have to exercise special care in its cleaning. Most chemicals are off bounds.  You also even have to be careful about leaving water […]

Ensuring that You Get a Safe Toy Chest

One thing that every parent needs to be concerned with is child safety.  You want to make sure that your child is safe in every aspect of life.  This is especially true with things you don’t expect to ever have to worry about, like a toy chest. I recently read a review where the reviewer […]

Toy Chests Under $50

Sometimes, we just need to get an inexpensive toy chest for the kids to stash their toys away.  Here’s an overview of some nice toy chests under $50: This one from Kangaroo is attractive, has good reviews, and is affordable.  It’s not a hard wooden box.  However, it is very roomy and sturdy for a […]

Unfinished Toy Chests – Fun Unfinished Toy Chests Here!

An unfinished toy chest can be a fun project for any parent to undertake. If you are good at refinishing wood surfaces, and want a high quality toy chest for your child, this is a way to save a little money and get exactly the color wood that you want to have. There are a […]

Would a Wooden Toy Chest Work for your House?

One popular model of toy chests is the wooden toy chest.  This type looks nice in the living room as well as a child’s bedroom. It also will double as storage for other items after the children have outgrown their toys.  Or you can keep it for the grandchildren to use! You can find craftsmen […]