Lipper International Toy Chest

The Lipper International toy chest is a true classic.  The styling is elegant and simple, yet beautiful at the same time.  The smooth, flat top works well as a seat when the lid is closed.  Plus, the large size means there is plenty of room for lots of toys.

lipper international toy chestThis toy chest is affordable, yet sturdy.  It ships free from Amazon, if you want to order online.  You do have to do some assembly when it arrives, but it is not too difficult to do.

The Lipper International toy chest is renowned for its safety.  It goes the extra mile to make sure that your child will not be hurt when playing in this toy box.  There are air holes drilled in if your child plays hide and seek in it.  The double hinges prevent the lid from slamming closed, and there are finger slots to prevent any pinched fingers.  The finish is nontoxic and protects little hands from splinters.

This toy chest measures 33-3/8 by 18-1/2 by 24-1/4 inches, which gives it a lot of room for toy storage or a child to climb inside.  The flat top is friendly for coloring on, and it can double as a bench or shelf for display.  The two handles on the side make the Lipper easy to carry.

Reviews are mostly positive.  There was one negative one where it seems that the person got a low quality box in shipping.  However, all the rest of the people who left reviews seemed pleased with the toy box.  They loved the safety features and the design.

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