Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy Box

My son loves Mickey Mouse.  He’s two, and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of his favorite shows. So when I found this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy Box, I had to review it.

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mickey mouse clubhouse toy boxIsn’t it cute!  One of the greatest things about the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy box is the soft, plushy feel.  This makes it perfect for young children who fall a lot and hurt themselves.  It’s got a polyester outside, but a sturdy inside.  This allows it to be washed off with simple soap and water.  Plus, the box comes with a lot of other safety features.  The latches are safety hinges to ensure that little fingers will not get pinched.  There are also three air vents in case your child decides to get inside and hide.

This toy chest is proudly made in the USA and ships free from Amazon.  The size of this particular box is 16 1/2″ x 33.5″ x 16 3/4″.    There are also matching furniture pieces that you can get to make your child one happy mouseketeer!

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