Lipper International Toy Chest

The Lipper International toy chest is a true classic.  The styling is elegant and simple, yet beautiful at the same time.  The smooth, flat top works well as a seat when the lid is closed.  Plus, the large size means there is plenty of room for lots of toys.

lipper international toy chestThis toy chest is affordable, yet sturdy.  It ships free from Amazon, if you want to order online.  You do have to do some assembly when it arrives, but it is not too difficult to do.

The Lipper International toy chest is renowned for its safety.  It goes the extra mile to make sure that your child will not be hurt when playing in this toy box.  There are air holes drilled in if your child plays hide and seek in it.  The double hinges prevent the lid from slamming closed, and there are finger slots to prevent any pinched fingers.  The finish is nontoxic and protects little hands from splinters.

This toy chest measures 33-3/8 by 18-1/2 by 24-1/4 inches, which gives it a lot of room for toy storage or a child to climb inside.  The flat top is friendly for coloring on, and it can double as a bench or shelf for display.  The two handles on the side make the Lipper easy to carry.

Reviews are mostly positive.  There was one negative one where it seems that the person got a low quality box in shipping.  However, all the rest of the people who left reviews seemed pleased with the toy box.  They loved the safety features and the design.

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Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Chest

Do you need a toy chest that looks great in the family room or a child’s bedroom?  The Badger Basket barrel top toy chest may be the right choice for you.  This lovely toy box comes in either espresso or natural coloring.  It’s very large for holding a lot of toys, yet very sturdy.  This chest can also be used for storing blankets and pillows after your child outgrows it.


Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Chest Espresso

badger basket barrel top toy chestClick Here for Free Shipping!

The Badger Basket Espresso barrel top toy box is very attractive. The dark wood finish looks great in almost any room.  It does require some assembly, but the assembly goes very quick (under an hour at the most!).  One great feature about this toy chest is it does have a safety hinge to prevent the lid from slamming on small fingers or heads.

The dimensions of this toy chest are 31 x 17 x 19 inches.  It weighs 22 pounds, so you shouldn’t have too many problems bringing it into the house when it is delivered.

The top styling of the barrel chest makes it look like a treasure chest, something that children will absolutely love!


Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Chest Natural

Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Chest naturalClick Here for Free Shipping!

The natural look is also nice.  You can imagine it as a perfect chest for a pirate ship.  This color actually matches our toddler beds, so it would look nice in the room with them.

There are several great reviews on the Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Chest.  It’s actually one of Amazon’s best selling toy chests.  Here are what a few customers had to say:

I love this toy box. It’s very big inside and is made of quality components. I was able to assemble it myself fairly simply, even though I was six months pregnant. The “barrel” top gives the piece some character and makes it suitable for a nicer living room as well as kid’s room. The best part is that the top hinges are designed so that the top will stay open so there is no fear of getting little fingers caught on a closing lid. I would highly recommend this product.

by A Customer

It’s been nine months now, and I still love it. The design is very attractive, and even better, it fits a lot of toys. The toybox has a hinge so the lid won’t slam down on tiny fingers. If you look at the picture of the box, you can see there are openings between the lid and the bottom half of the box so if there *were* fingers still on the box if it were closed, fingers wouldn’t get stuck (this doesn’t apply to the two corners however). Some things that may cause you to reconsider: the box does have sharper corners than a plastic box may have, it is made out of wood after all (the only thing I didn’t consider beforehand). However, the finish is smooth.

by chicago mom

Was easy for my husband to assemble and was in good shape when it arrived which really surprised us because a lot of packages coming overseas to APO get damaged. Fit all of our two year olds toys. We will definitely need to get another one when the second comes. Our son closes the lid and climbs on top of it all the time. He even jumps on it. Now we don’t accept this behavior, but the chest is proving to hold up just fine.

by Kristy

Overall, this toy chest is one of the best ones we’ve reviewed.  Make sure you check it out today!

Toy Story Wooden Toy Box

toy story wooden toy boxClick for Free Shipping!

Does your child love Woody, Buzz, and all their friends?  Toy Story remains one of the most popular Disney/Pixar films.  It’s only natural for your child to want to decorate his playroom with all his favorite character.  The Toy Story wooden toy box helps him do this.

This super cute toy box measures 24.63L x 13.50H x 15.38W”.  It has safety hinges to keep your child from pinching his fingers.  There is some assembly required, but it goes together quickly and easily.

Reviews are very good on this particular box.  Most people love the design and ease of use.  It is a very safe toy chest, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting trapped inside.  The only complaint I could find was that the size was too small.  However, it is a standard size toy box, not a jumbo.  It does hold a good amount of toys.

Overall, the Toy Story wooden toy box is perfect for the little girl or guy who wants to go “To Infinity, and Beyond!”

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Other Views:

toy story wooden toy chest

toy story toy boxtoy story toy chest

Step2 Lift & Roll Toy Box

step2 lift and roll toy boxIsn’t the little boy in the picture cute?  Sorry, just had to go on a tangent there…

The Step2 Lift & Roll Toy box can make picking up fun for your child.  It’s inexpensive, well made, and it rolls!  However, there are just a few problems (we’ll get to those a little later!)

I’m not a huge fan of the design of this particular toy chest, but it is fine for a playroom.  It’s great for little boys.  I’d like it a little better if they had an option for pink or green so it would work for little girls too, but you can’t always have everything. The stickers on the side are fun for kids to look at though.

The thing I like most about this toy chest is the wheels.  They allow your child to move the box around the room, making picking up a little easier.  At least, if your kids are anything like mine and scatter their toys hither and thither.  The size is good – it holds three cubic feet of toys.  One nice thing they thought of is this won’t move on it’s own.  You have to lift it to get it to roll.step2 lift and roll toy chest

If you order it from Amazon (Free Shipping!), then you do have to assemble it.  I would recommend doing this at a time you don’t have children climbing all over you.  The trickiest part of assembly is getting the wheels in the right spots.  The design has two long and two short sides, and the wheels actually install on the short side.  There are holes for installation on the long side, so a lot of people had to take it apart and put it back together.  A little counterintuitive, but you do get it eventually…

Overall, it is very sturdy and well made.  The sides are high enough that a small child cannot easily climb inside.  A larger child may be tempted to, which wouldn’t be such a great idea, I think.  The bottom is not hard plastic like the rest, so it seems the most likely spot to give way.

There are several good reviews of this model at Amazon.  You can read more about it here.

Levels of Discovery Fairy Wishes Bench Seat and Storage

Levels Of Discovery Fairy Wishes Bench Seat with StorageLevels of Discovery makes several beautiful toy chests, and the Fairy Wishes Bench Seat and Storage is no exception.  It’s cute and certain to please any little girl.  The pink and white styling go perfectly with a little girl’s room, making it perfect for holding all of her treasures.  You can use the seat as a display for stuffed animals, or just as extra seating for a child in your child’s room.

It’s a little difficult to see in the pictures, but the writing on the box reads, “Wishes for Sparkles and Giggles and Smilies…and Swirlies and Whirlies for sweet little Girlies!”  There are also three fairies, one in blue and two in green.

The Levels of Discovery Fairy Wishes toy chest does hold a number of toys.  Once assembled, this box measures 31″ L x 13.5″ W x 26.5″ H.  It’s not overly large nor overly small.

There are several other pieces of furniture that match this design.  So if you wanted your entire room decorated with this style, you could get a matching rocker, table with two chairs, and vanity set with stool.

You can find Levels of Discovery furniture in smaller boutique stores and furniture shops like Art Van.  However, the lowest price I’ve seen is on Amazon.  It does ship from Amazon if it’s in stock, so you get free shipping as well.  There are also a number of smaller e-tailers that carry it, but Amazon usually has the lowest price (and if you find it lower elsewhere, email them and they will price match).

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