Spiderman Toy Chest – Swinging Into Action

Have a Spiderman fan?  This Spiderman toy chest may be just the right fit to get them to put away all of their Spider-toys!

spiderman toy chest

It’s a soft toy box, which mean that if you manage to have it empty, you can fold it flat for easy storage.  It’s also easy to carry, so load it up with all your superheroes and take it to Grandma’s house!  Or put all your action figures in here and store it at the foot of the bed or in the closet.

Spider Safety?

There are no sharp edges to hurt a child, but the manufacturer does warn that children under three can get hurt if a part, like a grommet, comes loose.  However, the soft lid will ensure no little fingers ever get smooshed!

Since it is soft, I wouldn’t recommend your child stands or sits on it.   However, the low price makes it perfect for storing toys affordably.

The most common complaint with this particular toy chest is the lack of sturdiness.  However, the cost is very low which makes it an affordable option for decoration or storing a particular toy.

spiderman toy box

Can the Spiderman Toy Chest Hold your Toys?

Wondering about the size?  It measures  30-inches long  by 14.5-inches high x 16-inches wide.  So not huge, but not teeny tiny either.  But plenty of size to hold all of your superheroes.

Why Should I Get This?

If you want a cute, inexpensive toy chest featuring your favorite web-slinger, this is a good option.  Little kids who love Spiderman would be super excited to get a toy box like this one.  But if you want a sturdy, high-quality heirloom toy chest, you should keep saving your cash.  A well made heirloom box will cost at least $100 more than this one.

But if this fits your needs, you can find this Spiderman toy chest at Amazon here.

unfinished toy chest


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