Step2 Lift & Roll Toy Box

step2 lift and roll toy boxIsn’t the little boy in the picture cute?  Sorry, just had to go on a tangent there…

The Step2 Lift & Roll Toy box can make picking up fun for your child.  It’s inexpensive, well made, and it rolls!  However, there are just a few problems (we’ll get to those a little later!)

I’m not a huge fan of the design of this particular toy chest, but it is fine for a playroom.  It’s great for little boys.  I’d like it a little better if they had an option for pink or green so it would work for little girls too, but you can’t always have everything. The stickers on the side are fun for kids to look at though.

The thing I like most about this toy chest is the wheels.  They allow your child to move the box around the room, making picking up a little easier.  At least, if your kids are anything like mine and scatter their toys hither and thither.  The size is good – it holds three cubic feet of toys.  One nice thing they thought of is this won’t move on it’s own.  You have to lift it to get it to roll.step2 lift and roll toy chest

If you order it from Amazon (Free Shipping!), then you do have to assemble it.  I would recommend doing this at a time you don’t have children climbing all over you.  The trickiest part of assembly is getting the wheels in the right spots.  The design has two long and two short sides, and the wheels actually install on the short side.  There are holes for installation on the long side, so a lot of people had to take it apart and put it back together.  A little counterintuitive, but you do get it eventually…

Overall, it is very sturdy and well made.  The sides are high enough that a small child cannot easily climb inside.  A larger child may be tempted to, which wouldn’t be such a great idea, I think.  The bottom is not hard plastic like the rest, so it seems the most likely spot to give way.

There are several good reviews of this model at Amazon.  You can read more about it here.

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